Welcome to the Climate Innovation Challenge, a curriculum and video contest where we teach NM students to think globally and adapt locally to our changing climate.
The Climate Innovation Challenge (CIC) began during the 2019-2020 school year and is open to all New Mexico students in grades 5-12. Participating classrooms are provided with hands-on activities to teach critical concepts of climate science, adaptation, video production and editing and tools for engaging community members in conservations about building climate resilience. Students are provided opportunities to participate in problem solving and given a voice in how their communities plan for climate changes.

CAVU provides curriculum, training and supplemental classroom support FOR FREE to participating teachers and students to ensure positive experiences for both educators and students. At the conclusion of the project each year, we host a student showcase where participants can present their work to their peers, state and tribal leaders, adaptation and resilience professionals and organizations from across the state. All entries will be judged against the CIC rubric by a panel of scientists and media professionals. Outstanding projects will be recognized with cash prizes and other awards.